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Cellular Re-wiring through Emotional Energy

Human Emotions

Emotions have been commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted for many years, starting with the incorrect assumption that they are created by thought. Primary or core e-motions arise spontaneously without any thought, as waves of energy that flow directly into our physical cells and immediately alter their physiological function. (This is looked at in more detail when we discuss the Energy Matrix).

Secondary emotions, on the other hand, are viewed as being created by the experience of illness and thought processes. Unlike most traditional talking therapies, the Mickel Therapist does not view secondary emotions as useful to work with because they are effects - not causes - of the Energy Disorder. So during the Mickel Therapy process, whilst secondary emotions are validated, the focus is purely on primary emotions, which avoids the need to explore beliefs or cognitive function.

This is the main reason why Mickel therapy is not a form of psychotherapy or counselling, but rather a series of tools where clients are taught to work constructively with their Primary Emotional Energies. It is this approach that gives back responsibility to the client, allowing him or her to effectively rewire their own cells back to health. The Mickel therapist is merely a facilitator in the process.

‘Dis-ease’ – the chronic effect of emotions on our cells

Quantum Physics states that all matter as we know it is simply made up of vibrations of energy, and since the human body is made up of matter, this must be true for it too. If we then start to view human existence from the perspective of Quantum Physics and certain fields of Vibrational Medicine, we then have a better understanding of how primary emotions are created, and how they can have such a significant effect on our health. Mickel Therapy embraces this principle and expands it into an understanding of what is termed the Human Energy Matrix. This Matrix is us, and has some very interesting properties.

So, for the purpose of understanding the Mickel Therapy theory of ‘dis-ease’ and the tools that are provided to correct this dis-ease, let us work on the assumption that everything that exists is merely made up of waves of vibrational energy - this includes people and situations. In simple terms, every situation that we encounter in life is made up of a complex mix of vibrational energy which is generated by the people involved and their behaviours. When the energy of a situation makes contact with another person’s Matrix, the interaction between the two components sparks a new wave of energy within the Matrix called a Primary E-motion.

In Mickel Therapy, the understanding is that these waves of emotional energy pass through the Matrix into the cells of the physical body, transiently altering their vibration, and consequently their physiological function. This effectively starts to rewire the cells into a state of ‘dis-ease’. As we journey through life this pattern is repeated time and time again, eventually leading to the manifestation of ‘dis-ease’ in the form of Energy Disorders. So by the time the symptoms of the Energy Disorder appear, it is as if the last straw has broken the camel's back.

From our work in Mickel Therapy we can see that the main reason for the huge increase in prevalence of the many conditions that people develop is that our culture and society has taught us that emotions are a sign of weakness and caused by wrong thinking. This misunderstanding leads to chronic mishandling of emotional energy either through ignoring them or attempting to deny the truth of them. This in turn blocks the flow of emotional energy so that it literally remains in the cells, creating chronic rewiring and dysfunction. The Mickel Therapy process is designed to offer new understanding, as well as tools, to work with primary emotional energy in a new way, so that the cells are re-wired back to health.

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