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'It worked for ME' - success story of the year

This letter was written by a client in the UK:

"In the midst of my darkness and despair, one person took my hand and led me to a switch, and the long dark tunnel filled with light.  In an instant, the darkness was gone! It suddenly became clear that the darkness was not the problem.  The real problem was the absence of a second element.  That element was light. Instead of becoming fascinated by the darkness, together we concentrated on bringing in the light and eventually I managed to run out of that long dark tunnel!"

This is not a story intended to get pity, to direct blame or gloat about recovery. I tell it with the intent to simply share an experience, to educate and most importantly, to bring hope... Read full story


Letter to ME Society about remarkable recovery

This letter was written by a client who worked with Kim for 4 weeks in 2009:

"Here is a letter to publish in your newsletter if you can - I just wanted to share my "liberation" from CFS with my peers in Wellington.

My name is Xavier, and I had suffered from "intense" CFS for a year and a half before a few sessions of Mickel therapy radically changed the course of the illness.

I hesitate to say "cure" but for me it was as close as you could get - the therapist taught me, in a few sessions, how to proactively work my way out of the "hole" that is CFS through a few simple but significant changes in my response to symptoms.

If the whole thing sounds a bit gobbledygooky to you, here is my hard-headed run-down on it.:

The therapy offered is conversational in the form of roughly one hour sessions, face to face, or in my case, on the phone (only because the therapist was in Auckland!!).

It is based on the premise that CFS is an illness caused by an overworking of your hypothalamus gland in the brain (that controls nervous, hormonal signals and hence things like body temperature, fatigue etc), until the point that the gland goes into chronic overdrive - much as it would to combat infection (and yet there is no infection).

There is much more to this but basically the  idea is that it is indeed a physical illness, not treatable by psychological or psychosocial means.

This was for me a satisfactory causal explanation to an otherwise unexplained disease, although I'm still sceptical about some of the more peripheral discourse involved (which is at best hypothetical, as a result of the lack of scientific knowledge in this area).

And so the therapy teaches the CFS sufferer new ways of responding to everyday symptoms, which helps him/her to gradually - in my case over the course of a month - diminish and then eliminate symptoms altogether.

Ultimately I can recommend this to any CFS sufferer on the basis that it worked, and quite dramatically so, for me. It is a new therapy and the research behind it - to explain why the hell it works so well! - is in its infancy (they are waiting for someone to commission large scale research).

But it works. Hence why I'm writing to this magazine today, to share my experiences so that others, whose situation I was in not so long ago, might give it a shot. It could free you from CFS".

Xavier, Wellington


I have my life back - I feel amazing!

The following comments are from a client who completed a 6 week program of treatment:

"Mickel Therapy has helped me understand my symptoms and given me the tools to listen to what my body really wants and to act on it. My problems (chronic fatigue) I came with have now gone. I can now live a normal life and do everything I want to do. I feel amazing! The tools I have learnt are life long tools and I’m committed to making them a part of my every day life.

What I liked most about Mickel Therapy was how it all made such sense; that it wasn’t rocket science and that it really proved that how badly our society has become in ignoring what their body needs. Most of all I feel truly blessed that I stumbled across it as it has given the tools to live a healthy life".

Karen, 28yrs, Auckland, Juy 2010 *


From wheel chair to jogging

The following client was experiencing fatigue, brain fog, headaches and muscle weakness before treatment. This is what she reported back after working with the Mickel Therapy techniques for 8 weeks:

Activities I could not do before treatment: Most activities.  I was almost housebound.  I was not working, and I spent most of the day on the couch watching TV or doing computer work.  When I went out and knew I would have to walk more than 0.5 miles, I would use a wheelchair.  I was not socializing outside my immediate family.

Activities I can do now: Almost all of my normal activities.  After 8 weeks, I am back at work full-time, I am playing with my son and going out on the weekends (just like I used to!).  I don't feel like there is any limit to the distance that I can walk, and I have even started jogging again.  I am now going out with friends again.  I went to a party last night for 4 hours and felt great!  I am confident that in a few more weeks, I will be completely back to my regular routine.  I know that I could not have come so far so quickly without Mickel Therapy.

Julia, age 34 yrs, New York (USA) July 2010 *


Fatigue gone in 5 weeks

"I've had my first fatigue-free weekend in 6 months".

Sheryl, age 28yrs, Auckland, June 2010 *


Well in 8 weeks

I am a Natural Health Practitioner and suffered from Glandular Fever in my teens and then again at 20 yrs old. Since then, I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when my body thought I was doing to much. After my studies I knew my emotions had a lot to do with my condition constantly arising. During my last pregnancy and for the 1st year of my baby's life I went into the worst stage of my life.

My Natural therapies and Counseling were helping me not end up completely bed ridden but I was not getting better. To sum it up I was at Stage A - knew my condition, knew what was causing it but still couldn't get to Stage C - perfect health! Mickel Therapy was my Stage B - they know my condition, they know what is causing it and they give you a step by step way to re-LIVE your life in perfect health. It is now 8 weeks on and I am living without my illness on a daily basis and THANKS to Mickel Therapy I now have the tools to keep it that way. I believe in this Therapy so much that I am looking into becoming a practitioner. Susan B. May 2010.

A Quantum Leap and A New Me

I had made such a quantum was fairly bursting out of me! I am looking forward to and am enjoying the new me. Agnes, age 54yrs, Whangarei*

I've learnt to say no without feeling guilty

The most important thing is that I have learnt to say no.  I tell people now if I can't do something and I don't even feel guilty.  I feel so free now because I'm really free from that guilt of not helping someone and free from that worry of what they will think, and I don't get offended anymore either. Thanks for everything - I appreciate your help in my life. Amy, Cambridge, age 26 yrs*

I have learnt so much

I have learnt to work out the difference between what I now call "emotional" tiredness and normal healthy tiredness.  I have learnt I am capable of making my life happen as I want it now.  And most importantly I have learnt to listen to the messages my body is sending me and act on them straight away.  I am not getting many negative emotions come up anymore and when they do I talk it out nicely and find a solution.  It is really interesting how sometimes the solution was not obvious but when I wrote the diary each night, I would see it straight away. Julie, Southland, age 26 yrs*

Thanks to Mickel Therapy

Mickel Therapy has been huge. You are a very astute therapist and I was fortunate to have contacted you. Ethel, Whangarei, age 72 yrs

A New Person

Thank-you soo much for all your help! My parents have noticed a new girl! Mindy, Southland, age 16 yrs*

Thanks for new knowledge and skills

All is strengthening and improving as I put into practice my new knowledge and skills thanks to you and Mickel Therapy. Sleep seems deeper and less broken... thank you for your guidance and support over the last weeks/months. Janine, Hastings, age 45 yrs*

No more brain fog!

I have loads more energy than before and best of all no brain fog. Harry, Auckland, age 40 yrs*

There is life after ME!

I had ME for two years can honestly say that Mickel Therapy saved my life. From being unable to do very much of anything I now lead a full life and am completely well thanks to Mickel Therapy. I always say that phoning to make my first appointment was the best phone call I ever made. There is life after ME. Lorna, UK

Onwards with life!

I had M.E/ CFS for 6 years beginning in 2001 probably caused by being in a stressful job that I was not enjoying and several stressful events in my life all at once which I did not deal with well. I tried the naturopathic route and this gave some relief but not a full recovery. My dad emailed me about Mickel Therapy as he had seen some literature on it in the UK. I then found out that Dr Mickel was coming to NZ to train some therapists and I arranged to meet him.

The process was explained to me and it seemed so simple - I went away and practised using my message and later the keys. I initially emailed back and forth with David and then went to Kim once she was practising in Auckland. It was amazing to see that actually symptoms were related to e-motions and not just linked to what you ate and so on as I had been led to believe before with naturopaths and so on.

I continued to get better and just before Xmas 2006 I realised I no longer needed my sessions with Kim as I no longer had any M.E symptoms!! I am now about to get married and move back to the UK and am looking forward to it rather than dreading it as it would have been too much for me a year ago!! I am so glad that my dad sent me the literature about Mickel Therapy! Sandra, Auckland, age 32 yrs*

I feel really well and empowered to stay well!

I was diagnosed with M.E in 1996 but know now that I was suffering from the condition more mildly for at least 20 years before my final collapse. Over the past 10 years I made progress slowly, but was never symptom free, despite trying many alternative approaches.

Now after successfully completing a course of Mickel Therapy I feel really well (probably better than when I was in my 20’s) and feel empowered to stay well. My debt to Dr Mickel, his very practical therapy and the skilful, caring therapists who treated me is immenseAN, UK

Thanks for giving me back my life!

I am a 47 year old female who suffered from the debilitating effects of CFS for 12 years, and became much worse in the last 4 years.  I knew that CFS had come to be found to be a hypothalamus dysregulation, and I was going to MD's who knew this and were trying to treat it medically by replacing hormones.  They gave me cortisol and thyroid hormone and wanted to give me growth hormone injections, but I refused as I feared the side effects, not to mention I could not afford it.  Initially, my symptoms improved quite a bit with cortisol and thyroid replacement, but this was only for a very short time.  After a couple of months, I was flat on my back again for most of the time.  At that time, my IGF1 level (growth hormone) measured at 106.

I was told this was quite deficient for a woman my age.  In August of 2006 I began Mickel therapy.

My therapist explained to me that "hypothalamitis" was the term they used for the hypothalamus dysregulation but that it was emotionally triggered and this is what caused all of the symptoms.  She quickly taught me how to "get rid of my symptoms" and once I understood the process I was symptom free within a few weeks.  After that, my body sent symptoms every so often, but I was able to get rid of them fast and they haven't stopped me from doing what I want to do again since I started Mickel Therapy.  Four months have gone by now and I haven't "crashed" once nor have my symptoms come back to prevent me from doing what I want to do.  My M.D. re-tested my IGF1 level and it had gone up to 140 after only three months of Mickel Therapy.  I finally understand how and why I got CFS and what I have to keep doing so it doesn't come back.  Thanks Mickel therapy for giving me back my life.   Sandra G, Boston, USA

Mother's Joy at Son's Success with Mickel Therapy

My son has been unwell since 2002 with varying symptoms of temperatures, aching joints, sore throats, headaches and more seriously loss of vision which led to his school wanting to exclude him.  Finally in 2005 he was diagnosed with CFS or ME.  

Immediately he was told to rest and to reduce his school hours and drop subjects which he did but to no avail.  Following an appointment at an ME/CFS clinic and being told once again my son should reduce his studies further which would have meant the end of his dream of going to university I decided an alternative was in order – anything to give him the chance of some sort of life.  Having looked at Mickel Therapy on the internet previously and seeing my teenage son with no life whatsoever I decided to make an appointment we had nothing to lose.

My son was skeptical and who could blame him he had been unwell for over 3 years following the first session he was not sure but I felt there was a change in him and following the second session I felt like I should be calling his therapist God.  I still do not know what happened in his sessions we do not talk about it – but he is 16 taking a full set of AS studies and coping well with A’s and B’s so far, he has got himself a part-time job and is full time partying in-between.

I now know how it feels to have a normal teenager in the house and I cannot thank you enough.  Cheryl

Comment from Dr David Mickel: It is truly marvelous when success is so speedily reached however this generally only occurs in young people so please understand every case is different and if you or a friend’s treatment takes longer that this is not a sign of failure. The end result is what counts and not the speed it is arrived at. Our congratulations to this client and his Therapist!

* Names have been changed for privacy reasons


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