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Fatigue and Stress Specialist - Mickel Therapist Kim Knight

Kim Knight, Director of the Fatigue and Stress Clinic Auckland

"It's important when you come to a therapist that you feel comfortable with them as a person, as well as have confidence in their skills and abilities. So I'd like to share a bit of my background and professonal training, so that you can see how I have come to be working as a therapist specializing in chronic illness.

Whilst I have spent hundreds of hours attending professional trainings, I truly believe it is my personal experience of having gone through my own healing and understanding of the chronic conditions of chronic fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression that now enable me to assist you. I look forward to working with you".


About Kim Knight - Mickel Therapist

Kim had a varied career of 20 years before training in natural therapies: She worked in travel, sales & marketing, casinos, administration, event management, video and film production. Her work took her to over 40 countries around the world, meeting people from all backgrounds and social environments. This wide variety of life experience gives her a solid grounding in pragmatic reality which allows her to relate to people at all levels.

In 1995 illness resulted in her having to leave work, leading her to seek healing, which resulted in trying over 140 different healing modalities over 10 years. She herself experienced 11 years of chronic anxiety, debilitating chronic fatigue and severe depression. Without any intention to become a therapist, the search to find answers for herself developed into the professional study and work of various natural health modalities, which she now uses to help clients.

All up, Kim has been on a journey of personal growth and healing since 1989. During this time she has participated in numerous self-development workshops and professional natural therapy trainings, and continues to invest in understanding herself through ongoing training and healing. The more she is able to advance herself, the more she is able to offer clients.

As a result of her own journey to health Kim understands the unique challenges that being ill present, especially long-term, debilitating illnesses such as chronic fatigue and anxiety. This allows her to have compassion and understanding for those whose lives have been unexpectedly overturned by long-term illness.

Kim was the first therapist in Auckland to be trained by Dr Mickel in 2006. She looks forward to working with you to help you regain your health.

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Kim's message of hope for recovery from chronic illness

"I have spent the last 20 years studying why we get ill and how we can be well. From my own many mistakes and learnings, I now understand how essential it is in our fast-paced world that we make our wellbeing a priority. Our modern lifestyle has brought us out of touch with our essential nature and environment so much so that we have forgotten the natural rythms and timings of life. We were never designed to be as busy as we are, and it is time to reclaim a more natural and harmonious way of life.

Our body is infact an incredibly intelligent, self-healing mechanism. We just need to understand ourselves better so that we can read what our body is telling us via symptoms, and then take the required action to re-balance ourselves back to health. Once you know how and have the tools, healing can begin".


Kim's Story of Recovery from Chronic Fatigue

Coming soon, how I overcame chronic illness, the years of work, which is now consolidated and condensed for you to use in your recovery. This is the gift of this illness for me - to be able to help you.


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