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Health Seminars and Introductory Talks

Recover from illness, eradicate stress and enhance your life

From time to time Kim travels to different parts of New Zealand giving a selection of introductory talks and seminars. Over the past few years this has included Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch, Queenstown, Nelson, Wellington and Auckland.

Her speciality is in helping people to understand themselves from the inside out, and to see that they are a holistic entity, where every part of themselves (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) affects all other parts.

If you want to learn how to experience greater integration and wholeness, these events are well worth attending. Scroll down for a list of topics.

All events are now listed on Kim's 'Art of Health' website

Click on the link above to go to the Art of Health website.

Health Seminar Topics include:

The truth about Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety & more

Learn the real causes of these conditions; how the body uses symptoms to communicate its needs, why your body is sending you your symptoms, and what you can do to recover your health.

Stress - the silent killer: kick your stress habit before it kicks you

Stress is the foundation for all disease. You could say it is a state of 'dis-ease' in the body. Learn how you can train yourself to eradicate stress and enhance your health with simple changes to your life.

Develop and use your Intuition (Inner Tutor)

We are all born with an inbuilt 'tutor' that guides and keeps us on track - if we care to use it. Are you using your inner tutor? Do you know how to access it? This seminar will help you to make or enhance your inner connections - with you.

Body Wisdom, Body Intelligence - what is it?

What is body intelligence? We've all heard of BMI (body mass index) - but do you know what your BII (body intelligence index) is? Find out why we need to use our body intelligence in order to stay healthy.

Train your heart-mind and abdominal brain

Scientists have proven that the heart and gut have more neurons than our (head) brain. The question is, are you using your heart and abdominal brains? Save energy and effort by training yourself to use your whole body brain.

What exactly is 'dis-ease'?

Many people take a state of dis-ease and illness to be almost normal. But our body's natural state is health. So what does it really mean if you are ill? There are no accidents, the body is far too intelligent to make mistakes, learn what your illness may be trying to tell you.

How to cultivate your Emotional Intelligence

Most of us are trained for years at school and university to develop our intellectual intelligence. But how much time have you spent cultivating your emotional intelligence? Do you even know what it is? Learn the difference between thinking and feeling, and why we need to be able to do both.

The Five Intelligences in the body

We have far more than just one intelligence within us. More than just our intellect, we have instinct, emotional intelligence, intuition and gut feelings. Are you using all your intelligences? Find out why we need to use our whole body intelligence for good health.

All events are now listed on Kim's 'Art of Health' website

Click on the link above to go to the Art of Health website.


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