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What to expect in a Mickel Therapy Session

Most people want to know 'What is Mickel Therapy' and 'What happens in my first session?'. This page aims to answer some of these questions so that you can make the decision of whether to embark on a series of treatments. It will also help you to have an idea of what your first appointment will be like.

I do recommend that you come with an 'open mind' to Mickel Therapy. Have preconceived ideas or conclusions drawn from previous experience of other treatments can place a set of blinders on your ability to take in new concepts or ideas. It's well worth remembering that we are limited by what we know as much as by what we don't know!

Please also check out Dr Mickel's answers to FAQs in his newsletters, plus other FAQs from Kim's clients.

The questions and answers on this page deal specificially with pre-session queries such as:

What is Mickel Therapy exactly?
What do you mean I do all my own healing?
What will I gain or learn in my first session of Mickel Therapy?

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my first session?
How do I decide if Mickel Therapy is right for me?
What happens after the first Mickel Therapy session?
How often and how long will I need Mickel Therapy sessions?
What support is there when I have finished treatment?


What exactly is Mickel Therapy?

Mickel Therapy is a talking therapy (as opposed to a bodywork therapy). This is the first important concept to understand. This means we will be sitting talking (on the phone or in the clinic) during your sessions (as opposed to lying down zoning out while someone gives you a massage or energetic healing). This means it is an consciously interactive therapy where you play a key part in your healing process.

Mickel Therapy is a very unique therapy in its own right. It is not counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy or any other talking therapy. During the first session, we will go into your past history to find certain bits of information in order to uncover the cause of your illness. You will then be given a set of tools to go away with to put into practice. In a way you could call this 'homework', although this is a good type of homework, because these tools helps you get well and are easy to learn and use.

During your first Mickel Therapy session, through a structured series of questions, answers and dialogue, we will take a thorough look into your life, rather like playing a detective, to ascertain exactly when and how your body decided that it needed to start sending you symptoms. There will therefore be a good deal of information gathering in this first session, as obviously I have to understand who you are and what makes you tick.

The first session is the only session that we go into the past. This is because we always recreate in the present what is unresolved from the past; ie, we will keep attracting similar people or situations into our life until we have learnt certain lessons. Working in the present has a knock-on effect into the pain memory locked in our cells and heals the past. A healing truth, whatever modality you choose to use, is healing only takes place in the present.


All healing comes from within

A major factor in Mickel Therapy is expanding your understanding of yourself. The key to your healing is you understanding what it is that has led to your becoming ill, and to realizing that you are the only person who can heal yourself. The Mickel Therapy tools enable you to do this.

As a therapist I am here for your as a guide, rather like Virgil in Dante's 'Inferno'. I am not here to fix you, because no-one else can fix yout. That is a myth. All healing will always come from within you. Initially, this may feel a little scary if this is the first time you have been told this, because you may feel you don't know what to do. I can assure you, you have everything inside you to heal - your body is a walking pharmacopia, you just didn't know it. And I am here to guide and encourage you on your journey of healing.

The wonderful thing about learning and realizing that you can heal yourself, is that it is empowering rather than disempowering. Essentially, I am here to give you all the tools you need to heal. I give it all to you, holding nothing back. How empowering is that? It also means that you do not need to keep coming back for endless sessions - we have sessions until you no longer need them, by which stage you have the tools to look after your own health.

My job as a therapist is to help you reveal to yourself what you have been missing; key bits of information which are right here right now, but have been 'out of sight and out of mind'. Once you see these bits of information, you wonder how you ever missed them. However, there are reasons for this, which will also become clear as your progress through treatment.


What will I learn in my first session?

The first session of Mickel Therapy is a key session and very different to follow-up sessions. In this first session there is a large amount of information giving and gathering so that (a) I can work out why your body is creating you symptoms and (b) you understand exactly why our body is creating your illness and what it is that you can do to start healing.

During your first session, through a structured series of questions, answers and dialogue, we will take a good look into your life, rather like playing a detective, to ascertain exactly when and how your body decided that it needed to start sending you symptoms. Often people are surprised to find that the core of the problem was set in place long before the actual symptoms were experienced. This is what I mean by 'becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of'. I also use a whiteboard to explain concepts while we are talking, as the brain finds it easier to assimilate new ideas using visuals and pictures.

By the end of the first sesion you will:

  • Understand how symptoms are created by the body
  • Why your symptoms are being created in your body
  • How your body communicates to you via symptoms
  • How symptoms are a good thing - a blessing in disguise
  • How your body is doing everything it can to look after you, which may include sending symtpoms of mental, emotional and physical pain

And of course very importantly you will learn:

  • What it is you can do to prevent your body having to send symptoms (of fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc)
  • What it is you need to do to stop your body sending symtpoms
  • How to coach your body into not having to send symptoms
  • How there are always missed emotions underneath symptoms
  • Sepcific tools to use in everyday life that will prevent your body having to send symptoms
  • How you can deal with the difficult situations in your life that are creating the negative emotions beneath the symptoms
  • How to free negative emotions from your body without it being difficult or traumatic
  • and much much more


Do I need to do anything before my first Mickel Therapy session?

It is highly recommnded that you do two things before your first session:

Clinic Sessions

If you are coming to have your first session at the clinic, there is no further preparation.

Phone Sessions

If you are doing sessions by phone or skype, once you have made your first appointment, you will be sent a short questionnaire, which you will email to me before your first session.


How do I know if Mickel Therapy is right for me?

I recommend that you use your 'gut'' to feel whether this treatment is the right step for you. If it does feel right, it's probably the correct choice, even if you have no idea what it really is, which to be honest, will be the case until you have experience the first session.

It is only once you start experiencing the concepts and philosophy (which we quickyl do in the first session), and begin to put into practice the tools (which you will start doing by the end of the first session), that you will understand what Mickel Therapy is really all about.

To people who are still not sure, even after reading their way through this website, my recommendation is that they again check in with what 'feels' right in their gut, and if they feel like giving it a go, you will find you have little to lose and much to gain. By the end of your first sesion you will have learn exaclty why your body is sending your symptoms and what you can do to start coaching yourself back to health.


Mickel Therapy follow-up sessions

During follow up sessions we will:

  • Monitor your progress and make sure you are using the Mickel Therapy tools properly so that they are having the expected outcome
  • Give you additional tools with which to help yourself as and when you need them
  • Help you to get your life back on track


How often and how long do I need to do Mickel Therapy?

Number of sessions needed

The average number of sessions needed has been shown to be about six to eight sessions. For some people, having spent 10, 20, 30 up to 60 years in pain, this is a relatively short time. Some people only need a couple of sessions before they have the tools under their belt and have turned their lives around, whilst others may need more time.

Despite the commonality of symptoms you may be experiencing, your recovery time is completely unique to you because your life is your unique journey.

Once you understand that healing is about becoming whole, not just about fixing symptoms, you will realize that the most important thing is that you are on the journey to becoming well, however long that make take. I recommend you come withou preconceived ideas or expectations. Putting deadlines on recovery is the quickest way to hinder progress and create frustration.

Intervals between sessions

The recommended interval between sessions is 7 days. I cannot stress this enough. Clients who commit to treatment and come for regular sessions are the ones that make progress. Clients who don't, often think Mickel Therapy is not working, but it would be fairer to say they are not working their Mickel Therapy*.

As you recover, session intervals will expand to 2 or 3 weeks, and at some point you just know that you no longer need sessions. Of course the door is always open, and people often come back for a refresher, or continue with the Mickel Therapy maintenance program.

* For more information on getting the most out of Mickel Therapy see the blog article 'Are you working your Mickel Therapy?'


What if I cannot travel to the clinic?

Sessions are available by phone / skype and are equally effective. 80% of my clients are located around New Zealand and overseas. Please contact Kim for more details.


Mickel Therapy Maintenance Program

Once you have completed your series of appointments, to the point that you can honestly say "I am no longer experiencing symptoms", you can then move onto the Mickel Therapy maintenance program. The good news for you is that there is no more supervision fee to pay, because sessions are longer supervised. This means Kim does not have to spend extra time after the session writing up notes, and no longer has to pay the additional supervision fee to Mickel Initiatives head office.

Why do the Maintenance Program?

Sometimes people like on-going support in their lives and find it useful, once a rapport has been established through the Mickel Therapy sessions, to continue receiving support. Whilst your health might be improved to the point that you no longer experience symptoms, you may find you would like ongoing encouragement in using the tools, or need advice with personal concerns, work issues, relationship problems etc. One thing is for sure: the Mickel Therapy tools are not just useful for getting well - they are essential for staying well.


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